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Buying or selling a superyacht can be a complex process that needs a specialist expert.


Links to major shipyards and connections to marine lawyers and surveyors is a vital component to help support the buying and selling process.


Here are some of the elements that you need to consider, the list is not in numerical order as you may be fixed on getting a multihull or you may choose a type of yacht based on the purpose of usage.



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Private or charter.

Type of Yacht

New build or preowned.


Motor, Sail, Multihull or Explorer.


Number of cabins, facilities on board, consider the home berth, number of crew.


Classic or modern and technology equipment, sustainable considerations.


Cruising destinations, cross Atlantic or within a specific area (Mediterranean), engine size and fuel consumption.

Charter a yacht


Once you have considered the type of yacht it is advised to charter similar yachts to get a good practical insight on the features to your requirements. Gaining expert knowledge from the Captain and crew while on the charter will help with any queries that you may have regarding the running of a yacht and help support the decision-making process. Plus, sometimes a yacht that you may charter could also be for sale.

Get an expert broker


The process of buying a yacht is complex and you will need a qualified broker who will have an array of knowledge and means to help narrow down the search that meets your requirements. A yacht broker can access all yachts that are currently for sale or support a client through a new build process. A broker will also help you through the purchasing process and support the completion of surveys, sea trials and the legal requirements carried out by external accredited specialists.

Attend a yacht show


Attending the main Yacht Shows alongside your expert broker will help you have a good tangible insight into the types of yachts available and a good understanding of the different shipyards, the styles of yachts and an opportunity to speak to representatives regarding the yachts technical and design specifications.


If you are considering a newbuild or custom build a yacht show is also a good introduction the type of yachts that shipyards design and build.


Attending a shipyard event or an organised shipyard visit to go through the design, build and finish process will allow you to compare different shipyards styles, making processes and design ethos to ensure the correct fit.

Negotiate an offer


Once you have decided on the ideal yacht
to your requirements it is time negotiate an offer. Data on marketing intelligence and analysis reports are utilised to help compare like to like yachts to offer a specific price.
To ensure you are protected it is advised to recruit an independent maritime lawyer to support you through the process.

Ensure the
correct fit



When buying a yacht, you will need to consider whether you want to invest in a new build, custom built or pre owned.



Buying a newly built yacht allows you to choose a ready-made make and model from a designated shipyard. You can specify the interior layout, fabrics, engine size and equipment to make the yacht very personal and bespoke.


The advantage of buying a new yacht is that the yacht will come with a warranty and you can select the latest equipment available on the market from navigation systems, tenders to the state-of-the-art entertainment systems or be more modest and concentrate on one aspect, the luxury is the choice is yours.


To achieve the maximum reward, it is important to invest in an expert who can support you through the process at a time frame that fits into your schedule, proposed budget, and needs.

Custom Build


Building a superyacht from scratch is a rewarding yet complex journey to take but having a finalised yacht to your specific requirements and design to enjoy will be unique experience. Enlisting the right shipyard and designers is essential to make your bespoke design into reality and to experience the opportunity to work with them throughout the design process.


Firstly, is to create a design brief and initial specifications with an experienced broker who can then direct you to the right match of naval architect and interior designers, who will sketch out your vision.


Once a shipyard has been agreed a project manager will oversee the construction and finishing process in conjunction with the broker and yourself to make your design come true.



The advantage of buying a preowned yacht is that you enjoy it almost immediately. You may choose to have a small or extensive refit depending on the age or style, but you would have a yacht close to your needs and requirements at a lower cost.


Choosing the right yacht needs extensive research and knowledge from an experienced sales broker to unsure that the correct checks are made to ensure the purchasing process is hassle free.



If you decide to sell your superyacht enlisting an experienced broker will help you create an effective selling strategy. Market analysis and in-depth research is needed to ensure a realistic and correct selling price to attract the right buyer.


A strong and direct marketing campaign across all digital platforms, representation at the most prestigious boat shows will inspire potential buyers.


It is advised to instruct an independent marine lawyer who will support all the legal aspects of the negotiations and the documentation process.


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