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You will find our charter faq. If you you do not find an aswer to your questions please do not hesitate to contact us info@s-y-a.com

Is it customary to tip the captain and crew after a charter?

Tipping is discretionary, if you would like to tip it is usually around 10% – 15% of the charter fee.

Is there a set itinerary or can it be amended while on charter?

You will receive a sample itinerary from SYA to help understand the locations and recommendations while on charter, once on board you can discuss the itinerary with the captain who will have wealth of local knowledge of the area and an outline will be planned. The itinerary can be amended at any time while on charter and any requests can be discussed with the captain. Chartering a vessel is a unique bespoke experience and custom-made to the personal taste of the charterer and guests. Please note the itinerary is sometimes weather dependant.

Will there be wifi while on board?

When a selection of yachts is presented to the client it will specify if the yacht has wifi. In the modern day of technically most superyachts will offer high speed wifi coverage. If wifi is an important criterion, please let us know and we will specify this during our yacht selection process.

Are pets allowed on board during the charter?

If you want to bring your beloved pet with you, please ensure this is identified at the request stage. Some yachts will allow pets onboard and will be specifically search for the most suitable yachts to fit your requirements.

Can I smoke on board while on charter?

Some superyachts will allow smoking on the exterior of the yacht and may dedicate a specific smoking area, it will be individual to each yacht. All interior spaces within the superyachts are designated as non-smoking. Please do let us know if you want to smoke and we can advise you accordingly.

Can food allergies be catered for?

Definitely yes, most superyachts have highly trained and experienced private chefs onboard that can cater for all your dietary needs. Please ensure that any allergies are detailed on the preference forms, and we are notified of any special requirements.

What laws apply while on a superyacht?

In local waters the yacht will be governed by local laws, when in international waters the yacht is governed by the yachts flag state. Please note that it is prohibited to have illegal drugs and weapons on board at any time.

Will my children be safe onboard?

Yes, in the first instance children are the responsibility of the parents/guardians on board and will need to be always supervised. The crew are extremely experienced and well trained, and the captain will deliver a safety briefing once all guests have embarked. A nanny or childminder can be requested to ensure that the children are having a safe and fantastic time swimming and enjoying the many water toys on offer. Please discuss with us if you have any worries or concerns.

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