A yacht charter holiday is a remarkable experience that is specifically designed around the individual requirements of the client. In order to ensure that you fulfil your expectations it is important to consider the different elements in advance, destination, activities and yacht type. Once you have this in mind you would then follow the next steps.

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Charter Broker


A Yacht Charter Broker is there to seek the appropriate yachts based on your requirements. The broker will ask a range of questions regarding destination, type and style of yacht, specific requirements (water toys, number cabins etc) duration of trip and budget.


Once you have relayed the requirements the broker will provide a selection of yachts for the client to choose from. The Broker will then source the availability of the yacht and help organise an itinerary.

The Charter Agreement


Once you have agreed on a specific yacht and cost you will need to read through and sign the charter agreement. The agreement sets out the arrangements of dates, yacht, destinations of course costs.


The agreement is between the client, broker and yacht owner and it details the legal aspects of the charter and items such as cancellation procedures and insurance. MYBA (Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association) or IYBA (International Yacht Brokers Association) Charter agreements contracts are widely used, however there are other types of contracts depending on the location or the broker membership.



An itinerary is basically the route of destinations that you will be visiting while on
the charter. The itinerary is bespoke to the type of locations and activities that you want to experience whether you want a relaxing white soft sand beaches and remote coves, to vibrant party beach clubs and high class restaurants.


The initial itinerary is prepared before the vacation and can be amended or adjusted onboard with the captain who will have advanced local experience.

Preference form


A preference sheet consists of a list of questions that each guest has to complete in advance of the charter. The sheet is extremely important as it details information regarding travel reservations, food and beverage likes, dislikes, any allergies plus any medical concerns. It also details any special requirements such as birthdays, special dinner reservations or activities.


The form enables the broker, crew and captain make arranges and order the correct supplies and for the chef to prepare the charter menus.



Like most holiday bookings a yacht charter is seasonal with a summer and winter seasons and then broken down to high and low season that refers to the peak and low times within the summer and winter season.


The charter season refers to only a period of high demand charter weeks versus the actual weather calendar of seasons. The costings of course differ in the high and low season and this cost is referred to as the Charter Rate or base cost. High season costs for most yachts are higher than the costs for low season, especially if it is linked to a special event such as the Monaco Grand Prix that would include an additional fee.

Charter seasons


In Yacht chartering the summer season normally ranges from April/May to October and include the Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the America’s and South Pacific. The winter season ranges from November to April that include the Caribbean, British Virgin Islands and Indian Ocean.



Charter Rate


The Charter Rate/Base Costs include the yacht, the crew and the crew expenses and the yacht’s insurance.



Of course, VAT is added to the Charter Rate and is different for each country that you are chartering /disembarking. Some countries also have increased VAT if the yacht charters into international waters.


Currently 2021 VAT rate by country.

  1. France 20%
  2. Italy 22%
  3. Spain 21%
  4. Greece 9.6% or 12%
  5. Montenegro 0%



On top of the Charter rate and Vat is APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) this expense is to cover all operational expenses that include fuel, berthing, food, beverages and transfers. The money is given in advance to the captain who will account for all costs that are made available to the client. The APA is usually 30% of the charter fee or can be higher depending on the amount of cruising (as the cost of fuel will be more expensive).


Additional costs could also be added if it exceeds the 30% of the APA in cases of requests for expensive champagne or additional services.



The Ultimate Experience


Superyachts are the ultimate luxury experience that can rival any 5-start hotel. The dedication and personalised service to the client is what makes a superyacht vacation a memorable experience. The Experience can be bespoke to the needs and wants to the client whether it is for pure indulgence, rest and relaxation, adrenaline fuelled or for a great adventure a superyacht can offer more than expected. Water toys, wellness and fitness, exploration and culinary delights are just some of the experiences that can be catered for.

Water Toys


The range of water toys available on-board superyachts is becoming an essential component especially if you want to holiday with the family or a group of friends. Here is a list of the trendiest water toys on offer.


Please check with the yacht broker if you want specific equipment.

Well-being and Fitness


A focus on well-being and fitness is an area that has been embraced within the superyacht industry. Relaxation is not limited to the areas visited, beautiful beaches and turquoise seas but is also to the amenities available onboard to ensure a 5 -star experience.


On larger yachts spa facilities are becoming the norm with sauna, steam room, Hamman, jacuzzi and on-board masseur…


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For the adventurer or people who are looking for something different than an explorer experience will meet your needs. Explorer yachts are increasing in demand and allows clients to go further afield and away from the normal Super yacht locations of the Mediterranean or the Caribbean.


Specialist itineraries can include the Norwegian Fjords, Antarctic, Iceland to Northern Patagonia. Aboard specialist explorer Super yachts with a highly trained crews you can experience remote seas, diverse wildlife and natural wonders like icebergs, glaciers and the northern lights and unbelievable sea and wildlife from Orcas, Walrus and polar bears.

Culinary Delights


On every Superyacht charter you will have a personal chef to cater for all your culinary needs. Menus are devised in accordance with your dietary needs detailed on each guest’s preference form. The chefs are extremely well trained and experienced to create tantalising bespoke menus. Fresh ingredients are sourced from the visited locations while on the charter and is a great opportunity to taste the location cuisine.


Fresh Seafood and shellfish locally sourced is a mouth-watering delight that can be cooked to your liking, or enjoy beach BBQ with local meat and vegetables, party canapes or a full formal dinning experience.

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